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Why did I decide to put together this website?  One is that I hope to build awareness about the abuses in the guardianship system and how ANYONE can be a victim.  Secondly, to finally share the truth of my mother’s story and how this happened to her and us.  I also share some (there is much more) evidence that I have that I believed would be presented in court and carefully reviewed, however, never was.  The documents that I share (other than court documents) were never even presented in court, as the judge apparently was not interested in the proof that I had.  So this is an opportunity for normal, reasonable people to look at the evidence and have a clearer understanding of what happened to my mother, Pauline Williams.

My name is Teala Mainzer and I am the youngest daughter of Raymond and Pauline Williams.  I welcome anyone contacting me to share their story, seek support or to find out ways to help and get involved.

I continue to hope that I can get my Mother released from guardianship and the nursing home and back to the care of her daughters.  I also realize that she has been in guardianship since 2014, so this may never happen.  I am completely aware that I could fight to have her returned to me while she is living, yet may not get her returned to me until she dies.  Since, I HAVE been informed by the guardian that once she passes away the family would be the ones responsible to pay the funeral expenses.  Yes, the guardian will be done with my mother once she is dead!!

My mother has lost everything.  Her home and all her possessions (except for the valuables already taken) were sold off and thrown in a dumpster.  The guardian valued the contents of her home and all her earthly possessions of 62 years at $500.  However, they weren’t sold for $500, they were included in the sale of her home, so they were then thrown away by the new owner.  Her home sold at the whopping figure of $18, 051 (not even enough to pay her outrageous nursing home bill).  So, I will never be able to have any mementos from my parent’s and WHY?  I guess because it was “necessary” to get her things sold to “pay bills” and it was certainly much easier to let someone else trash her belongings than for the guardian to have to do it herself.

For we through the Spirit, by faith, are waiting for the hope of righteousness. Gal. 5:5