Shame on a System


  1. Takes a family conflict and turns it into a family destroyed
  1. Takes a person and removes their personhood so they have no voice
  1. Takes a loved one away from the ones who love them most
  1. Removes a person’s rights-the right to live where they want, sleep when they want, eat what they want and do what they want.  They are elderly humans—not cattle.  They’ve earned their rights!!
  1. Believes they have the right to take the person’s physical body and do with it whatever they choose
  1. Believes they have the right to then take the person’s property by going into their home and rifling through their belongings as if they are the one who bought and paid for them instead of the people that actually worked for them and paid for them
  1. Takes away a person’s quality of life by putting them in elderly prison so they can pretend they are better cared for than their family was doing
  1. That uses their power and authority as a weapon to bully, harass and threaten family members that care about their loved ones and push them out of their lives
  1. That thinks the “job” of a guardian can even come close to caretaking a person the way a family can
  1. That uses their power and authority to strip away all a person’s humanity
  1. That wants to convince others that this is all done in the “best interest” of the ward
  1. That they have the right to kidnap a person while living and then return them to the family when they die!!