Handwritten Notes by Mother

I don’t know when this letter was written or if it was ever mailed or given to her daughter, Carla or her brother, Roy.  Sadly, she expresses her heartbreak.  I do also find it interesting that these are the two people who wanted my Mother placed in guardianship and locked in a nursing home rather than in the care of her family.

Mother Letter for Roy and Carla

This is a letter I discovered in the paperwork from my Mother’s safe deposit box (that Carla had given to a police officer to give to me after she had taken the contents she wanted.)   However, I never saw the money that my parent’s say they had put there for all of us.  I would note that I married in 1992 and my Mother was a meticulous enough record keeper that she went back in and put my married name on this paper.  I don’t believe she would have done that if there was no money there.

Mother Handwritten Note1