How Did We Get Here?

Mom sick2

How did we get here?  What a great question?  Unfortunately, I don’t have a great answer.  I ask this question to myself almost daily.

The best I have to answer is that if you have a family and you don’t completely agree, or if there is money involved, or someone wants what you have, or you have a medical problem or there is just hatred and animosity, then you may become a victim of guardianship abuse and you may lose the right to make your decisions or have your loved ones make your decisions.  Even if you are like I was and you would never have believed this could happen to you and your family.  BEWARE!  It can!!  Even if you think you have done everything within your power to protect yourself, THINK AGAIN!

It happens all across the country.  It is frightening, destructive and there seems to be no way out!  And in case you would like to believe this is only an elderly problem, let me assure you that people of all ages have been victimized by guardianship.  There are stories of young children, teens and middle aged people who have been placed in guardianship.  Go to the links of groups exposing guardianship abuse and you can read about cases where someone had an accident and there was an insurance settlement (money) and suddenly a guardian is appointed and the family is cut out.  We teach our children to watch out for predators (strangers) to try to protect them, but we should also be telling everyone to look out for predators in the probate system.

So right now the way to protect yourself is get informed, contact anyone who is willing to help stop this, and hope and pray that your loved ones are motivated by love and not hate.  It’s a sickening, sad truth.  So do your best to fix your problems, stay out of probate court, stay healthy and hope that your family is willing to do the same.  Unfortunately, that was not to be in my family.  No matter how hard I tried to get everyone to work together.  The final resolution is that my Mother is in a place she never wanted to be and has daughter’s that fought as hard as they could to keep her with them to no avail.  Would you rather be at home with your family or in a facility?