Frank Marshall Letter

Ramona’s Living Room

This letter was written by the court appointed lawyer for my Mother and his bill for “representing” my Mother so well.  I would also like to point out that this letter was dated the same day the hearing took place.  Did Mr. Marshall write this letter before or after the hearing was held?  It is interesting that his decision was pretty consistent with the judge’s decision.  So, I wonder which came first?  I never saw this letter until well after the hearing was over and the decision was made.

Be careful–if your home is small (not as nice as his) and there is a smell (which by the way may have been caused by the fact that my mother was being bathed and had used the bathroom just before he arrived) that may be all it takes to lose your loved one.   Not to mention that I have a question for Mr. Marshall–


I guess the fact that she had friends visiting her in her home and socializing doesn’t account for anything.  I have to wonder what I might find out about Frank Marshall if I showed up at his home unannounced or what he might find at your home if he came unannounced.  WATCH OUT!!

Frank Marshall Letters

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Should she have been disqualified from caring for her Mother for having a modest home?   

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