Click the link below to view the latest news report from Nov. 22, 2016!!


Below is a document that four staff at the Sikeston Convalescent Center used to intimidate me.  They surrounded me during my visit with my mother and Tara Tramel stated repeatedly that I was going to be reported for mental abuse of my mother because I was videotaping her.  Click link below:


Below is the letter I wrote to the nursing home administrator, Mike Hazel, after this incident.  Of course, I have received no response.  I wonder why he hasn’t contacted me to meet with me??  Click link below:



Above is a letter that was sent from Paula Scobey’s attorney to Kathy Sweeney in response to the latest news report dated Nov. 22, 2016.

Considering the very act of guardianship opens up a person’s private life to public hearings and record, it is difficult for a guardian/nursing home to then argue they are protecting a ward’s privacy by not allowing a daughter to take pictures or video.  It is my responsibility to protect my mother even though she has a guardian because I am her daughter and none of this should have been placed into the hands of an elected public administrator and stranger.

August 26, 2016-Just learned today that the court hearing that was scheduled for Tuesday, August 30, 2016 has been cancelled and my motion to terminate my mother’s guardianship has been denied by Judge Winchester!!  Another example of justice in this court–denying my mother to win back her freedom by not even allowing the hearing to take place!!