What Can You Do?

Mother and Banner 2

First, forward this to everyone you know.  Share it on Facebook and other social media and get the word out!

Then, get involved.  Find out what is happening in your state regarding guardianship.  Remember that one day this could happen to you.

Contact the Missouri Attorney General’s office at 573-751-3321 and demand they look into the activity of retired Scott County Public Administrator, Pam Dirnberger.

Contact the Missouri Auditor (Nicole Galloway) at 1-800-347-8597 and request a complete and thorough investigation into the offices of Public Administrators across the state (especially retired Scott County Public Administrator, Pam Dirnberger).

Contact Paula Scobey at 573-748-9275 and ask her to return Pauline to her family.

Contact Judge Winchester at 573-545-3511 and ask him to release Pauline from guardianship.

Call your State Senators, Representatives, Attorney General, Secretary of State, local law enforcement, the US Attorney General, the FBI, the US Office of Inspector General and anyone else that is willing to help STOP this madness.

Join groups like AAAPG and NASGA to support those working to bring awareness to this issue.

Contact justiceforpauline3@gmail.com and let me know what you are doing to help stop this epidemic.  Please contact me if you have further questions or are interested in more proof of what happened in our court proceedings.  I have much more information that is not posted and will be glad to share anything.