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Click on the above link to view the staff at the Sikeston Convalescent Center.

Below is a document that four staff at the Sikeston Convalescent Center used to intimidate me.  They surrounded me during my visit with my mother and Tara Tramel stated repeatedly that I was going to be reported for mental abuse of my mother because I was videotaping her.  Click link below:


Below is the letter I wrote to the nursing home administrator, Mike Hazel, after this incident.  Of course, I have received no response from him.  I wonder why he hasn’t contacted me to meet??   Click link below:


Below is the letter that was sent by Paula Scobey’s lawyer in response to the latest news report dated Nov. 22, 2016.  Considering the very act of guardianship opens up a person’s private life to public hearings and record, it is difficult for a guardian/nursing home to then argue they are protecting a ward’s privacy by not allowing a daughter to take pictures or video.  It is my responsibility to protect my mother even though she has a guardian because I am her daughter and none of this should have been placed into the hands of an elected public administrator and stranger.  Especially considering my mother had an extensive GENERAL DURABLE POWER OF ATTORNEY that expressed her desires!!

I do find it interesting that this letter states that the guardian has “the obligation to file a complaint with the appropriate Department” yet Paula Scobey never filed a complaint when my mother fell in the nursing home on June 24, 2016 and it was not discovered until July 4, 2016 (11 days later) when she was admitted to the hospital for another infection that she had a broken hip.  So if Ms. Scobey has an obligation to file a complaint, then why didn’t she and why didn’t she file a second complaint when my mother was later hospitalized again for dehydration??  Is she doing her job as stated in this letter that “the guardian promotes and protects the care, comfort, safety, health and welfare of the ward”?  Instead, I contacted Carole Herman of FATE (Foundation Aiding the Elderly) and she filed two complaints on behalf of my mother. 

Now another question is what is the Department of Health and Senior Services doing to investigate these complaints??  Good question–apparently not very much.  According to their findings, the nursing home did nothing wrong letting my mother lay there for 11 days with a broken hip because according to Mike Hazel it might have happened in the ambulance on the way to the hospital or at the hospital instead of when she fell on June 24th in this facility.  Because also according to him she didn’t complain for 3 days, so I guess she did complain for the other 8 days.  Does this make any sense to anyone else?  Are we expected to believe that she didn’t break her hip during a fall in the nursing home, but rather on the ride to the hospital?   And how did DHSS investigate this complaint??  According to them, they spoke to the staff at the nursing home, spoke to the doctors at the hospital and went in and observed her care for a week and she was cared for while they watched over the staff.  Does anyone reading this work harder when the boss is watching??  Are you kidding me?  Does this actually sound like a thorough investigation to reasonable people? ?  Well, I am certainly confident that Ms. Scobey is doing a great job and the nursing home did a great job caring for her as well.  I guess it is my mother’s fault for falling and not the nursing home, caretakers or guardian who are responsible for her well-being.